Words by George Handyside

On the 15th October 2022, Blondes took to Brighton and played a spellbinding show at the Green Door Store, an intimate venue famed for promoting rapidly growing artists on the indie rock scene. To say that this show epitomised Blondes’ breakthrough year would be an understatement – a combination of incredible music and electric stage presence had the Green Door Store bouncing. This gig came towards the end of the band’s autumn tour with only two more dates in Cambridge and London to play, but with new content on the way (some of which was showcased at this gig) we hope that it won’t be too long before Blondes return to the stage. 

It’s hard to pick one song that stood out from their set on the night, but it would be impossible to omit Blondes’ biggest hit to date ‘Coming of Age’. Having already amassed over 15 million streams across all platforms after going viral on TikTok, the room jumped to life as soon as that iconic clean intro lick kicked in. Whilst their whole set had the venue bouncing the one song that seemed to transform the crowd into something comparable to a festival was their debut EP ‘Out the Neighbourhood’. The moment that really elevated the crowd was the line “take off your t-shirt” which prompted exactly that from several fans and sent the room into euphoria. This particular track had the crowd singing the vocal riff even as they were leaving show, further proving that Blondes are really a band that will live long in the memory. 

The band have promised fans new music and those in attendance at the Green Door Store were given exactly that. The band played two unreleased songs towards the end of the set which they hope to have out in the next year. Both tracks epitomised their indie rock sound and carried an energy through the set which can sometimes be difficult to achieve with content that is unfamiliar to the listener, however this proved no challenge for Blondes.

All in all, Blondes played a show that won’t be forgotten by anyone there in a long time. It would be easy just to talk about their iconic sound, but the fact is when it’s complemented by such powerful stage presence it’s impossible not to mention that as well. These two factors operating in tandem made for a simply electrifying show, one that will earn them a name as one of the best emerging live bands going. 

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