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As Venus and Mercury start to station direct after weeks of being in retrograde, we can breathe a sigh of relief as our communication, technology and relationship issues seem to smoothen themselves out. We start the month of February off with the Lunar New Year, the Aquarius New Moon greeting us with a chaotic, revolutionary shakeup. The New Moon will set the tone for the month to follow, only easing out when the Moon turns full in Leo on February 16th. Towards the end of the month, we see the Sun move into dreamy Pisces on February 18th, and life starts to get a bit more sensitive and mystical. To read your horoscope check your Sun (Star) sign, and your Moon and Rising signs should you know them. 

Aries: The New Moon and the Full Moon will be illuminating to you on how to navigate your communities and how you’re letting loose and enjoying yourself. Perhaps you’re realising how much certain groups energise you and how much others deplete you. Maybe you want to try out a new club, join an Arts group or look towards learning a new hobby to meet new friends, or maybe you’re finding new connections and newfound friendships over pre-existing hobbies that already exist. Now is the time to cultivate them and keep the enthusiasm going, as this will carry you throughout February. 

Taurus: February asks you to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and take a leadership role within your workplace or community environment. You may be delegated more responsibility, or you’ll naturally take up the role that’s been offered to you. You may feel insecure or anxious about the job role offered, and you could shy away in fear of taking on a heavier workload. The financial aspect of this role looks promising, so it is advised that you take up the job role and use the money to splurge on redecorating your home environment, your family or on moving house.

Gemini: Your mind may be busy with all sorts of plans to travel and get away from home for a while, perhaps even taking a sibling or another family member. If you’re not travelling physically, perhaps you’re being called to learn a new subject or study a new interest that may take you on a philosophical or spiritual journey. 

Cancer: Your emotions are becoming incredibly intense, and you may be feeling at a loss of how to communicate the feelings you’re experiencing. The New Moon and Full Moon will be asking you to see yourself in another light, and to value yourself as someone who is multi-faceted. There is no shame in understanding the darker nature of your personality and spending some time with your shadow self could be the key to understanding the intensity of the emotions you are currently experiencing. 

Leo: This Full Moon and New Moon is showing you independence free from the co-dependency you may have been experiencing during the past year. You could have ended a toxic relationship or friendship, and now are feeling free to redefine yourself on your own terms. You may be starting to feel the urge to retreat inwards rather than spend time with lots of people, and it is encouraged that you take as much time as you need to discover who you are when you are alone. This Full Moon will be the driving energy behind your newfound confidence in yourself. 

Virgo: You may be experiencing dissatisfaction with your work environment, or you could be contemplating developing new skills to get the career you desire. These feelings could be resurfacing a lot of old emotional issues from the past about how worthy you are to pursue the job you want. The Full Moon and New Moon will be showing you your insecurities around work, and how you can get to grips with sorting out these past problems and wounds that have prevented you from going forward in past. It’s time to believe in yourself. 

Libra: It’s okay to let loose and enjoy the finer things in life. Your friendship group may be pulling you out of your home and into the outside world to party and celebrate, and the New Moon and Full Moon will help energise your sociable and gregarious nature. You’ve been working extremely hard for a while now, and if you want to let your hair down and spend your evenings laughing and enjoying the company of those who love you, February is the time to break free from the confines of your home and into the love. 

Scorpio: Your home environment will be undergoing fundamental changes within the month of February, with plenty of opportunities to see what is working in your home and what is failing. You may have to take some responsibility for where and how you want to live and spend some time planning a house move or maybe even a room swap. You are being asked to take the reins of your household and start to implement changes for the greater good. 

Sagittarius: Communication and wanting to express how you’re feeling is on the forefront of your mind, especially when it comes to learning a new subject or interest. You may be feeling an urge to write about this area of interest or speak about it publicly to an audience. It is advised that you start to write down or capture your ideas, thoughts, and feelings in a journal, or seek a counsellor to express any pent-up emotion you may be experiencing. 

Capricorn: The material world is becoming extremely important to you as the New Moon and Full Moon unfold during February. Your money as well as other peoples are being called into question, as you assess your financial situation and the debts you owe. This month would be an excellent time to pay back any loans you have borrowed and start saving up your resources for future use. Your values as well as the values others put upon you as also being called to your attention, remember that there’s nothing wrong with having strong moral principles. 

Aquarius: You’re spending a lot of time analysing how you interact in partnerships and friendships, and these Moon transits will be showing you romance and love, and how you can keep your independence whilst also co-operating within another relationship. Issues around romance may be weighing on your mind, and you may hurry into a new partnership or end an existing one suddenly. Pisces There is a lot of work to be done, but the urge to rest and heal is taking over the need to be extra productive. Do not criticise yourself for being lazy, as the emotional processing and healing that needs to be done during this period needs to overcome any work that needs to be completed physically. Old wounds, traumas and feelings buried within your subconscious are coming to light, and it is vital that you are extra gentle on yourself as these emotions show themselves.

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