Words by Altair Robinson

Every week I will be interviewing the president of a society, to learn more about each society and to share with readers about these societies.

I first interviewed the president of Video Gaming Society (VGS), the second society president I will be interviewing is Greg from Sci-Fi and Horror Society. Sci-Fi and Horror Society runs weekly film nights at 7-9pm every week on Tuesdays, the film being voted by the most voted theme, then votes on a film within that theme. Sci-Fi and Horror society has also been running David Cronenberg films weekly on Wednesdays. Despite term being over, they continue to run events due to significant interest. The society runs through their Discord Server: https://discord.gg/mmewSe5tvM

Why should someone join Sci-Fi and Horror Society?

“Anyone who has a slight interest in either sci-fi or horror will get a lot out of this society. We watch anything from fully sci-fi, to sci-fi horror and full horror. The society is a good place to find new favourite films, as we do tend to watch on the cheesy side, but also some of the all time greats. We have been able to turn people who only like sci-fi to delve into horror when they said they never would. It’s got to be said that we are a great community of film loving students.”

Have you got anything exciting planned out that we should look out for?

“The society is reaching a huge milestone at the beginning of the university year. We will be 10 years old, a feat in and of itself. So we will try to have a celebration with the best films of the last decade, and hope many of you will come along.”

How much of a challenge has this year been for running Sci-Fi and Horror Society?

“The change from in-person events to online hasn’t been that challenging. The real trouble was getting people to attend the events. It was only once we partnered up with Intersoc and thus able to reach countless more people, were our events getting some good turnouts. We’ve also been able to do more events each week as we aren’t tied to booking a room and an allotted time slot.”

What is your favourite movie?

“My personal favourite film is Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It’s got the memes, it’s got the best duel in cinematic history, and one of the greatest soundtracks.”

What movie release are you looking forward to most?

“On the sci-fi front, I am most looking forward to seeing the Avatar sequel, the wait is killing me. Which leads to the horror film I’m most looking to, Halloween Kills, as I loved Halloween (2018), the sequel to Halloween (1978). They really need to come up with better titles for films these days.”

What has been Sci-Fi and Horror Society’s biggest achievement this year?

“Our biggest achievement as a society was putting on our premiere events, watching new films recently released, with some crazy turn outs. Astonishes me that 10+ people stayed to watch the 4 hour Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Then the collab events with VGS (Super Mario Bros and Mortal Kombat), Pokesoc and Anisoc did amazing well.”

And that concludes the interview. Don’t forget to join the society’s Discord server if you’re interested in saying hello or being part of the society: https://discord.gg/mmewSe5tvM

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