The Office for National Statistics is calling for students who haven’t yet completed the online 2021 census – which previously had a deadline of March 21 – to do so as soon as possible.

Students are being urged to complete the census, which takes up to 10 minutes to fill out, to avoid a fine which could be issued if a household refuses to take part.

A spokesperson for the Office of National Statistics stated that “Students are vitally important and do count!”

They reiterate that all student’s “Should complete a form for their usual term-time address even if they weren’t there on census day. If they’re currently living at their home address, they will need to be included in the census for that household too.”

After sending out a letter to every household in England and Wales at the beginning of March with a unique access code, the Census has had a positive response, however not everyone is familiar with the form, which is filled out once every 10 years, and the Office of National Statistics is offering help to those who may need it.

The director of operations for the Office of National Statistics, Pete Benton highlights that the aim of the census is “to have the most accurate picture of the whole population” and he continues to emphasise that  “we need everyone to fill in their questionnaire. By doing so you will be helping shape the local services in your community – the bus routes, school places, the hospital beds.”

The University of Sussex has released more information regarding completing the 2021 census which you can access here: News : University of Sussex

You can complete the online census here:

Picture Credit: Morten Watkins

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