Manifestos have been released by those running for Officer positions in the Students’ Union elections, next week.

Manifestos have been released by those running for Officer positions in the Student’s Union elections, next week.

There are six full-time officer roles to be filled when voting opens on Monday 26 and any student at Sussex is eligible to vote.

Competing candidates will be answering questions on their campaigns in the virtual hustings event hosted by the Politics Society linked here.

This comes after a hustings event hosted by Intersoc and Liberate the Debate on Tuesday.

As well as the full-time positions available, the elections will also decide upon five part-time officers and three Student Trustees, who will all go to represent the student body in running the Students’ Union.

The full-time positions to be allocated include:

  • International Students’ Office
  • Education and Employability Officer
  • Wellbeing Officer
  • Sports, Societies and Events Officer
  • Diversity, Access and Participation Officer
  • Student Living and Sustainability Officer

Candidates running for these positions either take a year out of their studies to complete the role or do it after the completion of their course.

Part-time positions include:

  • BAME Students Officer
  • Students with Disabilities Officer
  • LGBTQ+ Students Officer
  • Women Students Officer
  • Trans and Non-Binary Students Officer

Read the manifesto of those applying here.

In order to ensure a high student turnout, the Student’s Union has made a prize draw for those who participate, with prizes ranging from a free drink at Falmer Bar to a pair of tickets to Boundary Festival.

These prizes will be unlocked at voter milestones with, for example, the festival tickets requiring 5000 ballots to be unlocked. This is a cumulative system that includes a pledge from the student’s union that an increasing amount of trees will also be planted for every 1000 votes the election receives.

Click here to find out more.

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