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I don’t think I’d ever noticed before this morning, while picking some songs about the environment, that it seems inescapable for an artist to, at some point in their career, write a song about the environment. So I didn’t have to think or look very far to come up with songs calling for action (Greta Thunberg with The 1975), stating you cannot eat money (Aurora), or simply reminding us we live in a beautiful world (Coldplay). There’s a sense of urgency, but also a sense of hope, and an opportunity to change for the better.

  1. The 1975 – The 1975
  2. The Seed – Aurora
  3. Don’t Panic – Coldplay
  4. Explorers – Muse
  5. Feels Like Summer – Childish Gambino
  6. A Beautiful Lie – Thirty Seconds to Mars

Jude Blue Whiley-Morton

My playlist focuses on songs that account for the world around them. There’s brilliant literature about the natural world by poets such as Wordsworth and Yeats. These songs carry on that lyrical spirit.

  1. Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell
  2. The Bug Collector – Haley Henderickx
  3. The Danglin’ Conversation – Simon and Garfunkel
  4. Fisherman’s Blues – The Waterboys
  5. Starry Night – Don McClean
  6. (Nothing But) Flowers – Talking Heads
  7. La Mer – Julio Iglesias
  8. Up On a Rocky Ledge – Moondog

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