By Rory Hinshelwood, Rosie Bettis, Zoe Taylor, and Max Morris-Edwards

This week the team behind new-blog-on-the-block, Sussex Ranger hijack foodies focus to introduce their guide to student eats, nights out, pubs, cafés and more.

Who are we?

We are Sussex Ranger, a group of mates, two girls and two boys, from Sussex Uni who founded and run the page, rating and reviewing pubs, clubs, café’s restaurants and much more. Check out page our below! @sussexranger – Instagram


What do we do?

We wanted to provide students in Brighton with recommendations of places to go, whether it’s for pints, a date or for much needed drunk food after a boozy night out. From our Instagram page, students can find information on places they might have never heard of, or might have never considered visiting. And for students, the all important deals they can get from these places that they wouldn’t have realised existed. All our reviews are subjective, and are all based on our own experiences at the places we have visited, but we decided, in an attempt to keep objectivity, to introduce a range of criteria for each place. This criteria includes a list of things we would typically look for in our reviews of each venue, which allows readers to easily navigate themselves within our posts. For example, we include the information on the cheapest pints, shots and drink deals, the price range for their meals and who we would recommend taking. People may not always agree with our Ranger Rating, so the description and criteria allow people to make their own mind up and decide whether they want to visit it for themselves!

Why do we do it?

We found that as a group, we were guilty of always gravitating back to the same pubs and restaurants because we knew the prices and we knew what to expect. We realised that a lot of other students, like us, would do the same thing, being afraid to try somewhere new in case they wasted their money and were disappointed. We decided to start up Sussex Ranger as a fun project for us, encouraging us to try new places, take some pics and report back to our mates. As well as it being a fun project, and a great excuse to put our money and procrastination to good use (helping others do the same!) it’s also been a great experience. We are continuing to learn about how we can expand and successfully market the brand and increase our following. It’s given us practice in journalism and taught us how to create valuable, aesthetic content that people will enjoy engaging and interacting with

What is our impression of Brighton and its range of venues?

Brighton is renowned for its vast selection of pubs and venues, particularly for students. Collectively we have mates at uni in smaller cities across the UK like Durham and Warwick, and know that these places in particular are limited for fun, original places to go out. Brighton on the other hand, it home of some of the quirkiest, hidden gems, but the very fact that they’re often hidden means the problem is finding it. Part of the beauty of Sussex Ranger is that we are constantly on the hunt to uncover Brighton’s best kept secrets, whether that’s the best instagrammable brunch spots and cafe’s or pubs filled with old fashioned arcade games, we love Brighton and know that so many other people do too, so we’re just helping each other out.

What is the future of Sussex Ranger?

We’re all in our final year at Sussex, so we’re not sure what the future holds for Sussex Ranger, but with some luck we might manage to spread ourselves further afield and provide our services to other students across the UK. We all wish there was something like this when we were freshers joining university. Moving to a new city can be pretty daunting, and something like this can be the perfect way to help familiarise yourself and find your bearings.

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