Welcome to the University of Sussex, and welcome to Brighton! In a place known for its diversity and inclusion, Brighton is a fantastic place to be at university. You will never be short of things to do, places to see, or coffee shops to dip into. Here is a short guide to what we love about our university and the city it is based in.

I love so many things about studying at Sussex. Firstly, it is surrounded by beautiful national parks, perfect to enjoy a walk with the Dog Walking Society. Not only does Brighton boast a beach to enjoy, but further up the coast, sheer cliffs and lush vegetation make for spectacular picnic locations. There are more restaurants in Brighton than you could try in a year, with loads of options for vegans and veggies! The Lanes are a dream for shopping, and tucked into every corner is a coffee shop you haven’t visited or a colourful bookstore to explore. And if all that isn’t enough, you’re only an hour away from London!

If you need some inspiration for where to start on your Brighton adventure, current students mentioned a few of their favourite spots.

We begin with food: Donatello’s, a popular Italian restaurant, is tasty and a current favourite among students. Smashburger, a fast-food burger place, is a hit with their rosemary fries and interesting burger combos. 

Nowhere Man for the best vegan pancakes (ever), VIPizza for an amazing authentic Italian pizza experience, Six for a good selection of food and cocktails, Pompoko for Japanese noodles, and Harrisons of Hove for a hearty breakfast. 

My personal favourites include Breakfast Club (get the disco fries), and JB’s American diner if you are looking to clog your arteries in the best way.

Next, I asked students where their favourite nights out are.

Unanimously (and unsurprisingly), Pryzm was mentioned the most. Every Wednesday night, sports socials head to Pryzm en-masse to enjoy the terrible music, sticky floors, and expensive drinks. But it isn’t all bad – Pryzm is definitely the place to meet like-minded people!

The Haunt is another common favourite, with their indie nights on a Monday being a big hit. Revenge is a popular gay club and is very inclusive, as well as having a sweet rooftop area. Patterns on a Tuesday is perfect for someone looking for a bit out of the mainstream. 

One of my favourite things about the nightlife is the night buses. They run all night and go to a range of places, and even all the way back to campus.

I also wanted to know where everyone’s favourite instagrammable spots are in Brighton. So, if your Insta feed needs a little update be sure to visit these places:

Brighton beach is the obvious, with blue waves and the pier behind you, it is incredibly aesthetic. The Lanes are also a fab photoshoot location, but be sure to not block the tiny pathways! The street art in Brighton (we once hosted a very famous Banksy) is a great backdrop for a pic, and The Pavilion provides a royal touch.

The places where students said they feel most at home in Brighton included coffee shops for a welcoming atmosphere, specifically No.13 Café where the staff are always really friendly, the Lanes and the cinema to relax, and anytime they’re around friends. 

Brighton makes people feel at home through its diversity and general safety for those who might otherwise feel vulnerable. It caters for those in the minority – the LGBTQ+ community, international students, and makes everyone feel accepted. Most students agree that it is a positive atmosphere, and there is never a lack of things to do. In Brighton, you really can be yourself. 

Now we have talked enough about Brighton, let’s talk Sussex! Students’ favourite things about studying at Sussex (apart from the location) include the diversity, the liberality, and generally the people they meet.

Student favourite societies include PoleSoc (pole dancing society) for its diversity along with it being a fun way to keep fit, Sussex Snow for incredible socials, rugby, football, and yoga for fitness and making and bonding with friends, and Dog Walking for relaxation (and dogs).

All the courses are interesting, along with being taught mostly with a mixture of coursework and exams, so that the focus is on learning, not memorising. Most lecturers are not only knowledgeable in their field, but also entertaining and willing to help out of hours.

The last question I asked current students was what the best thing was for them that has come from their uni experience at Sussex. Mine was the incredible opportunity I got to study in Australia for six months which was (obviously) the best time ever. I have also met friends for life, and learned to be much more independent. 

The most common reply from others was their friends! Sussex is a great place to meet people from every background and with every interest, so you will definitely meet some people like you. The societies and the courses are also really popular with current students. Lastly, the freedom and independence was another common theme – you can do anything at Sussex!

Welcome to Sussex and Brighton, you will love it here!

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