By Alana Harris

When it comes to nights out Brighton has a lot to offer, so when you’re planning your evening, usually heading into the city centre is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s easy to neglect all the great things happening on campus, especially if you no longer live in student accommodation, but there are so many great on campus events being run by societies, the student union and others, it’s definitely worth knowing what’s on offer.

If you’re wanting a pint after a long day at the library then both Falmer and Northfield bar are ideal destinations. Both serve lots of different food options if you fancy something to eat alongside your beer and there is a happy hour from 5pm-8pm, Monday to Friday at Falmer and every day at Northfield.

Northfield bar also hosts an array of activity evenings both weekly and sporadically. Fortnightly on Tuesdays the bar hosts an open mic night courtesy of Sussex Live Music Society (SLiM), Thursday nights cocktail night, so if you like pina coladas more than pints, get yourself 2 for the price of one up until 9pm, following that you can probably get caught in the rain as well, knowing the English weather.

Or, in case you didn’t get enough singing on Tuesday then Sunday is karaoke nights, whether you’ve got a voice like Mariah or one closer to Kylie Jenner, everybody is welcome to join in on the fun.

One campus night out you don’t want to miss is Big Night on Campus (BNOC). The new club night takes place one a month in Falmer bar’s Room 76. This month’s event takes place on the 16 November and is a back to the 90s night with £2 guestlist and £2 drinks. It’s an instant hit when you know it’ll be a cheap one.

As well as both bars, another go to on campus destination is the ACCA. The Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts always has something going on, whether it’s a film, a live performance, a debate or even an art installation. This year the centre is yet again collaborating with Cinecity and will be hosting a huge variety of incredible films as part of the Brighton Film Festival between the 8- 17 November, that’s your evenings sorted for a couple of weeks.

Another place to look for on campus events is through the plenitude of societies at Sussex. There are a huge variety of events run by students and by attending society social events, not only are you supporting other students, you’re also meeting new people with a shared interest and doing something you enjoy while you’re at it.

Societies like the Board Game society, the Bingo Society and the Video Gaming society run weekly evening events on campus which are open to all. Other societies such as the Drag society, SUDS and SMUTS work towards shows performed at different points in the year which you can audition to be a part of or support as part of the audience.

Societies thrive off of any kind of student participation and wouldn’t be able to exist without it. All of the available events on campus are tailored for students and supporting different areas of the university is often overlooked despite offering friendships, socials and events for your entire university experience.

Support for the on-campus bars means support for your students’ union and by going to shows at the ACCA or those put on by other students you’re helping to keep the incredible arts community up and running. By attending these events you’re making the most out of the facilities and activities available at Sussex. Things which once you’ve graduated and left Sussex you’ll most probably miss and wish you made more out of.

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