By Joshua Talbot

When you think of meals to get when you eat out, somewhere on that list is probably a burger and chips. If not, why not? This classic combo is one that is offered by many outlets across Brighton. With so much on offer, it’s hard to know where to start, especially if you are new to the city and short of cash- one bad experience could give you a burger-buying confidence blow and leave you relying on McDonalds.

This is by no means an exhaustive guide but is a starting point to help you get your burger bearings:


Honest Burgers:

With Brighton-based origins, Honest Burgers was conceived by Tom Barton and Philip Eeles one fateful night in the at the Bath Arms in the Lanes. The chain has since expanded from its humble beginnings at food markets such as Brighton Food festival on Jubilee Street to now having more than 30 branches across the UK.

Talking about the early days Philip told the Badger: “We clubbed £3000 together- I had the word honest and knew what it stood for, which was: simple menu, do one thing, do it well, quality ingredients. Simple good value for money. Tom thought that we could do really good burgers.”

Elaborating on what makes Honest different he added: “We are the only burger brand of our size that makes its own chips and its own burgers. We have our own butchery unit in our central Kitchen in London which makes 95%of the stuff on the menu. We buy hardly anything in and control the quality and traceability of our food”

This no-nonsense company made its return to Brighton in February and, as part of their USP, include chips in the price of every burger.

With a range of veggie options available, this is one to check out if you’re looking away from red meat but can’t drop the burger cravings.


Troll Burger:

If commuting to Brighton from campus on the train, if you just can’t wait to get your hands on a quality bun and patty, you don’t have to. A two-minute walk through the underpass will see you chow down on a Trollburger- self professedly greasy, messy and apparently tasty organic, dirty burgers, served on the streets.

This joint has got you covered for convenience and quality, with Sheffield Farm’s beef and home-made sauces. There’re also plenty of veggie options for those looking to get their meat-free fix.


Burger Brothers:

You may remember that this isn’t the first mention of the next burger joint that has been made in the Badger– it’s not even the first time that it has been mentioned this year but, when exploring burger options in the city, it simply can’t be left out of the equation.

Burger Brothers is a small burger bar situated in the North Laines and is a must-visit on the Brighton burger map.
Controversially not available with chips, the burgers that this place puts out are on another level. A beautiful combination of tender patty and a selection of cheeses, salad and secret sauce, if you fancy something special, I thoroughly recommend this place.


Brighton brimming with burger outlets for you to indulge in and, with plenty of vegetarian options on the market, there’s nothing stopping you from throwing your money at a some of the goodness that’s on offer.

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