Lunara Bramley-Fenton is a Brighton based mixed media artist. She is in her third year at Sussex, studying Art History. 

Tell me about yourself.

I grew up in a family of creatives and artists so since I can remember I’ve always drawn and been interested in the arts. I found it quite difficult to express how I felt through the means of conversation so my dad suggested I try and explain how I felt through art. I’m grateful that I have pieces of artwork that define different emotions and experiences that I’ve had throughout my life.

Where do you find inspiration?

Natural and organic forms intrigue me. I consider myself to be a very visual person, so the way in which I see things alter according to my mood. My artwork is a response to my surroundings and my emotions, therefore colours that I associate with certain moods and memories determine my pallets within specific works. I think I am most inspired by natural and organic forms because my art is representative of my day-to-day emotions, they too develop organically.

How has experience grief played an influence in your work?

I am thankful for grief as I see it as the driving force behind my new found artistic style. Prior to truly experiencing the process of grief, my artwork lacked depth and originality, not to say it’s the opposite of that now, but I feel as if my style is something I can completely relate to and feel it’s the truest representation of what my thoughts look like within my head. My grief was greater than something I could attempt to comprehend or rationalise; therefore, I feel as though it completely changed my approach to art because it changed my view of life and its fragility and the beauty within that.

Your work is so beautiful and expressive! Do you find yourself drawn to certain forms and colours?

Thank you! I find flowers extremely attractive, they are representative of so many occasions. They are celebratory, commemorative, wishful, decorative and a form of closure. These functionalities paired with the range of natural colours and forms they take excite me and influence the way in which I structure my paintings. I define moments in my life by colour, so colours are the most important thing to me within my paintings. I often struggle to create artwork when I’m not experiencing an intense form of happiness or sadness as I find it impossible to choose what colours I will use.

Who is your favourite artist?

Christine Ay Tjoe is such an incredible artist. I completely connect with her forms and colours and her use of abstraction. I appreciate figurative forms, but relate better to deformities and manipulation, something I think she achieves effortlessly.

What is your experience of the arts scene in Brighton compared to that in London?

Ashamedly, my knowledge of Brighton’s art scene is very limited. From what I do know, Brighton and London are both extremely saturated in art. Of course, London is one of the art capitals of the world, therefore, I have seen some incredible exhibitions. However, I gauge that the art scene in Brighton is a lot more expressive and less focused on the commodification of art and blockbuster exhibitions. I do love living in London because the possibilities of what types of art on display there are endless and attending diffident exhibitions can take you on a tour of the furthest and most central parts of the city.

Where would your dream place be to showcase your artwork?

An abandoned riad/dar would be the dream. My mum took me to this abandoned imperial dar in Fes, I fell completely in love. The format layout of a riad or dar is to have a central open-air courtyard in the middle of the house; the courtyard typically consists of a garden in a riad and of tiling in a dar. Nature reclaiming derelict spaces can be seen throughout and was so beautiful. Tiles had been pushed up to make way for forming trees and vine leaves. Ever since I visited this space I have dreamt of exhibiting my art there, I feel it works with what inspires my work and its overall aesthetic.

What are your plans for the future? 

Currently, I’m focused on graduating but after I have plans to move abroad. As for the future of my art, I intend to build up a tasty portfolio and try and make a career of it!

Instagram: @lunabfineart 

Words: Louisa Hunt 

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