By Mariafernanda Chavez 

There is no denying the irrepressible attraction of British jazz music right now, with Brighton hosting an abundance of talented artists from across the country with festivals and music shows.   

With so many talents just bursting into the open, a new environment was created for those who wanted to showcase their gifts. Say hello to Jazz Club at Patterns in which Mr Bongo is hosting several events.  

Thursday, November 1 inside the Patterns independent label Mr Bongo welcomes Penya a quartet of multi-instrumentalists led by Magnus PI. Over at drums, we have the knowledgeable Jim Le Ms, vocalist Lilli Elina and last but not least the talented Viva Msimang with her trombone, and vocal contribution.     

“On my return to London, I felt deeply inspired to create some of that amazing music in London – but I was a complete beginner, so I started looking for musicians active on the Latin scene and found Jim – since then we have been making music together.” said Magnus to The Badger.   

Crossing the boundaries of music genres from Latin to Cuban, to African; travelling to exotic lands Penya brings on stage a combination of Afro-Cuban rhythms that can heat up the dance floor.    

Full interview coming soon. 

Jazz Club returns to Patterns on Thursday 1st November with Penya, tickets:


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