What’s more fascinating than a tribute of one of the most recognized rock bands ever existed? On the 13th of October at the most known theater of Brighton: ‘Komedia,’ the town was honored of welcoming ‘CODA’ the tribute band of Led Zeppelin involving Adam Rose-Alison on guitars, Simon Wicker as the drummer, Peter Byrne on vocals and Rob Deery on bass, keyboards and mandolin for only one exceptional performance.

The lights went off at exactly 7:30 and the crowd gathered to watch the songs of Led Zeppelin to come alive. ‘Led Zepplin’ have been known for their demanding songs as well as Robert Plant’s ability of reaching a high register. The vocalist of ‘CODA’, Peter Bryrne, amazed me by the perfect control of his voice and for performing some of the most challenging songs of Led Zeppelin in a show of more than 2 hours.

What cannot go unnoticed, is the detail and effort that has been put in order to make the tribute as close to the band as possible. From the outfits to technical abilities, even when sticks drop and when strings break, the band’s dedication to Led Zeppelin was confirmed and transferred to the audience as well. The interaction amongst the performers and the audience was also of a critical importance as Peter Byrne, the lead vocalist did not hesitate to get into conversation with the crowd, attracting even more the audience.

After the exhausting show, the band did not hesitate to take photos and talk with the fans. I had the honor of introducing myself to Peter after the show and I was amazed by the excitement in which he received my comments. It is one of the best experiences I had in Brighton so far and we can’t wait to see them performing in Brighton Again.


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