During this year’s Pride Festival, Brighton had the honour of welcoming international pop star and voice of the early 2000s, Britney Spears, to the main stage. Undoubtedly, the show was the highlight of this year’s Pride Festival, as the queen of pop began her European tour Britney Spears: Piece of Me with Brighton as the first stop.

A few days before Spear’s show, the city started preparing for her arrival: the radios played nonstop ‘Toxic’. The town went even crazier the day of her performance as people of all genders were invading local stores in order to try Spears’ new perfume, Prerogative.

The day of her appearance was boiling, yet still the crowd started gathering at Preston Park from the early morning. The streets were full of life and Brighton was ready to welcome the pop star to the city. Until late in the evening the 57,000-strong crowd gathered in Preston Park to watch Spears’ one and only performance in Brighton. The lights turned off, the music began and at exactly 8:50 Spears hits on stage. When the show began, the crowd (as well as the masses of people outside the venue who hadn’t been able to get a ticket) went crazy.

Even though the pop star appeared to forget where she was, turning around to ask her dancers, the incident did not deter her fans or prevent them from enjoying the show.

Beginning with an impressive introduction from the show’s dancers, eventually the main event was revealed, in a sparkling black bra and short denim number, Spears truly looked the part of a early 2000s star.

Amongst the chaotic, electric environment at Preston Park, Britney opened the show with ‘Work B*tch’. Throughout the show the set list included many of her latest numbers, as well as her oldest hits including ‘Toxic’ ‘Circus’ and ‘Baby One More Time’. Thanks to this mix, both her newest and oldest fans who came to see her perform were able to get involved in the show.

With a show of more than one and a half hours and a grand finale of ‘Till the World Ends’, Britney did not leave anyone disappointed. The diva kept everyone interested, even lesser fans of the genre could get excited as her dancing skills amazed and allured. Spears’ performance was clearly meticulously prepared, and left the crowd unable to keep their eyes off her, her costume changes, and her brilliant dancers.

Spears really embraced the spirit of the festival and showed her Pride, at one point draping herself in a rainbow flag. After the show Spears thanked her fans on twitter for their record breaking turn out, saying “you are perfectly beautiful… I love you all” accompanied by five rainbow emojis.


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