In a world of dystopian King Lears and female Hamlets, Shakespeare’s classics are constantly being reimagined for the modern day. There’s something oddly refreshing then about the phenomenally back-to-basics traditional interpretation of The Tempest coming to Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT) this week.

The Lord Chamberlain’s men are presenting the timeless magical island comedy in all its original glory. With an all-male cast, Elizabethan dress and heaps of music and dance, the production might just be the closest to an authentic experience of Shakespeare Brighton has seen in a long time. And if that’s not enough, it is being performed at the gorgeous open air theatre in the heart of Hove Green. With the sun shining and the newly renovated bar serving prosecco on tap (yes, you heard), The Tempest promises to be a Brighton summer highlight not to be missed.

The country’s most popular open air theatre company, the Lord Chamberlain’s men pride themselves on celebrating the core values of Shakespeare himself: “clear, bold and dynamic storytelling in the open air, seasoned with a healthy dose of music, songs and comedy.”

One of William Shakespeare’s final masterpieces, The Tempest follows the story of the exiled Duke and sorcerer Prospero and his daughter Miranda stranded on a fantastical deserted island, filled with fairies and a host of unworldly ethereal oddities. When Prospero conjures an epic sea storm to force his rivals upon the shore, a tale of power, romance and deception ensues.

Magic and music abound, this sunlit theatre experience offers all the wonders of the globe right on our seaside doorstep.

The Tempest plays at Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT) as part of Brighton Festival from Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 May. Tickets and full details at the Brighton Festival website.

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