The 2017  Students’ Union (SU) Autumn Term referenda results are out, and with a total of 3,042 votes cast accross two polls, Sussex students have voted for Sussex SU to lobby for cheaper and easier access to travel and food.

With a staggering 96% of 1511 votes, students at Sussex voted yes to ‘Should the Student’ Union adopt the Cheaper and Easier Travel to Campus Policy?’, with 33 people abstaining. Adoption of the policy mandates the SU “to take specific action and to lobby the relevant organisations to make travel to campus cheaper and easier for students.”

The second vote, ’Should the campus Co-op have more student friendly prices?’ was also carried by a overwhelming majority, with 94% of 1531 students taking part. As the SU is not responsible for setting Co-op prices, adoption of the policy does not automatically mean lower prices, but mandates USSU to lobby the University and Co-op to reduce prices. The question was put to referenda following a petition set up by a student, which gathered over 500 signatures. A student petition requires the backing of 150 students to be put to referendum to the whole student body.

The Students’ Union have said on their website that “the Cheaper and Easier Travel to Campus policy will be adopted by the Students’ Union”. In regards to the Co-op they have said: “The Students’ Union WILL lobby the University and Southern Co-operative to reduce prices for students at the campus Co-op”

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