Sussex students reacted with horror to a Donald Trump victory in the US Presidential Election at a full to capacity East Slope Bar on Tuesday night.

The Badger team was in attendance to live-blog the event and record students’ reactions throughout the night.

Neither candidate has proved themselves a popular choice this election, however the general feeling at East Slope was that Hillary Clinton was the lesser of two evils.

Speaking to the Badger, Savannah Sevenzo, Sussex Students’ Union Undergraduate Education Officer said: “Clinton does not represent women, she works within and supports a system that oppresses women.

“Of the two, she is the best candidate by far though.

Rose Taylor, Postgraduate Education Officer added: “In an ideal world I would not vote either, but I’m supporting Clinton”.

Other students however were more positive about a potential Clinton presidency.

Elsie Powers, Chair of Sussex Labour Society said: “Hillary is so experienced and I am really excited about her policies, especially those to help the working class”.

James Randall said: “As a Tory, I am supporting Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Donald Trump lacks the temperament to lead the dominant world superpower.

“Hillary’s leadership will provide stability to our uncertain global economy, and protect the strong values of America and her threatened allies”.

Despite the overwhelming support for Mrs Clinton, several students came out in support for Mr Trump as the night progressed.

Speaking to BBC Sussex, who also had a reporter at East Slope, Hal Alfred Jones said: “I’m supporting Trump because I think he will be the best thing for Britain. I believe the trade value and the military value to England is a benefit to us.

“Whereas Hillary will reduce military spending and will not be pro-trade towards England”

Speaking to The Badger, another student who wished to remain anonymous said: “With Trump we know what he is about, we know he hates women and immigrants we know his standpoint. But with Hillary we just don’t know, she’s always changing her viewpoint. She is a typical politician”.

Adding: “Media reportage on Trump has been extreme, he has not been reported fairly in the media”.

Concern over a possible Trump win built throughout the night as he did better than expected in many states.

A poll conducted at 2:40am by the Badger of 50 people at East Slope found that 27 people believed Trump would win, whilst 23 held out for a Clinton victory.

The mood then plummeted as Trump won the key swing states of Ohio (3:23 GMT), North Carolina (4:05 GMT) and Florida (4:30 GMT).

Mr Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States on January 20 next year.


Picture Credit: Luke Richards 

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President Trump: East Slope on Election Night

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