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Those involved in the varsity violence should be ashamed



Mar 28, 2017

Dear Badger,

I like many other students, was shocked and appalled by the violence that took place at Varsity. A day that was meant to be a celebration of sporting achievement by our universities, was tarnished by the actions of a small minority who have jeopardised the reputation of Sussex.

All across the national newspapers, there have been pictures of rowdy students, burning banners and throwing flares. This has not only damaged the reputation of students at our university but of the student community at large. The violent actions that took place were despicable and are also symptomatic of a greater problem; certain sports societies at universities across the country have garnered a reputation of abhorrent and appalling behaviour, and Sussex is no exception to this.

The students involved in this incident ought to feel ashamed of their actions, and I hope that they suffer the consequences that they deserve. Both teams played admirably on the field last weekend, but unfortunately their fans let them down.

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