Coming back to Brighton to revise during Christmas break ? Don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily have to be depressing ! I have found two Third years that will inspire you to get creative during the Holidays, and fnd relaxing ways to occupy your free time. Enjoy !



Sherwin Wong is a third year studying Media Practice.

FB: sherwin913
IG: sherwin_wsf

”I took these photographs to document my recent life in Brighton, I wanted them to directly reflect my feelings and emotions during a stressful time that every single student experiences at university, that is why I thought that using black and white films to represent my life would be more realistic and would do a better job at reminding me of this time when looking back at it. The photos were taken with a film camera and curated in three parts, representing what forms “Sherwin” in the moment: University’s forest, Brighton pier and my home – these are the three most common places I like to spend time in when university gets stressful.

I am living near the seafront at the moment, so the Pier has become one of my main inspiration when I am creating, watching the sunset near the Pier makes myself calm and peaceful.

The forest behind Sussex University is one of the best meditation place for me, spending time surrounded by trees and discovering nature makes me feel more energetic and inspired.

The photographs I took at my house document how my flatmate and I spend our nights in, creating different sorts of Arts – from playing with the lights of a bike wheel to make it look like there is a cobra in the corridor, to my housemate Hon’s Pop-up Art drawings on the windows – we simply like to use the material we find in the house and just be creative with it.”


Caitlin Samuelson is a third year studying Media Practice.
”I started becoming interested in photography when I was around 14. Although it wasn’t through picking up a camera and clicking away. I did it in a backwards way and started experimenting just using light on photo sensitive paper and developing it myself in a dark room. From there I started developing rolls of flm and then moved on to using cameras.

I always have my camera with me these days so it’s becoming a habit to just snap the things around me. I see a lot of beauty in the mundane things that surround us and the little moments. I love to photograph people but I think my friends get sick of me shoving my camera in their faces so really I photograph pretty much anything that catches my eye.

I shoot on a Nikon D800, mostly with a 50 mm lens as it’s the best all rounder I found and doesn’t bulk out my camera too much. I edit on my iPhone because my photos usually go straight onto Instagram so it’s quick to edit on. I think people don’t give enough credit to iPhone editing software but it’s pretty good once you get to grips with it. Plus my laptop dies whenever I try to open photoshop so I make do with what I have !”





B&W photography by Sherwin Wong.

Colour photography by Caitlin Samuelson.

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