Antonio Kotsonia is a third year Media Practice student at Sussex.

Antonios’ interest for photography started at the age of seventeen. At a time when he was trying to find the best way to express himself photography just came naturally. And since then his camera has never left his side.

When I asked him about his favourite photographic subjects Antonios’ answer was poetic and translated a beautiful artistic sensibility. He told me that he likes to take portraits of people as well as cities, places, groups, and of our society in general. Antonios indeed gives his photography the mission of showing the world he sees, and especially all the social questions that strike him while looking around him.

After finishing his degree at Sussex Antonios would like to keep exploring social issues by becoming a documentary photographer and by traveling the world as much as possible.

For those of you who would like to follow Antonios’ work in the future, he is presently working on launching his own website – – which will be ready for you to view in about a month. Trust me, it is worth the wait !


“In his project ‘Transporting Hope’, Antonios Kotsonias explores the relationships between humans on public transport and the collective fear of communication with each other.

This project does not give answers, rather it raises questions. The photographic series allows space for self reflection and thus creates awareness of the communication issues that our society faces.

The hybridization of documentary, city and portrait photography is used as a weapon for contradiction: a contradiction between realism and surrealism. Mannequins are used to emphasize how society is losing the gift of expression and communication, resulting in ‘cloning’ humans. Contrarily, documentary photography intends to remind us that we are individuals with the ability to express ourselves.

The acknowledgement that reality cannot always be visualized suggests that the truth is far more complex. The combinations of photographic styles used by Antonios are brewed together, forming a series of multiple exposure images. He intentionally challenges the viewer to find their own truth, integrating them into the project.

Transporting Hope’ underlines that hope travels along with us on public transportation. As with everybody else, it also uses trains, buses, taxis…
Therefore it is not difficult to find it as we all share the same journeys.”



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