Lux Lisbon are a band who do things their own way. Fiercely independent, and rightly cynical about the businesslike nature of the music industry, they have gone DIY with unprecedented success; selling out their upcoming London Scala date is testament to the 4-pieces’ endeavor.

Their brand of “DIY” isn’t just the occasional independently released single. They have no record label, manager, booking agent- you name it, they don’t need it. Songwriter Stuart Rook has somehow arranged the entire infrastructure of a working band, and they seem all the better for it.

Lux Lisbon’s sound is perhaps best described as refined indie-pop; an oxymoron which is given precedent to exist through their impeccable blend of sharp lyricisms and driven melodies which sparkle with intent.

Rook’s vocals are reminiscent of Robert Smith at his prime, full of plaintive soulfulness; beautifully demonstrated on the bombastic Demons You Show, which builds into a luscious crescendo of rolling bass and thundering drums.

Vitally, Lux Lisbon are politically tuned in, as their deliciously furious refrain for The Bullingdon Club proves:

“When the future is never good enough then
They throw some punches, spill some blood
Like you would if you’d been f*cked by the Bullingdon Club”

The theological wonderings of Memento Mori are perfectly juxtaposed to summery riffs and exuberant trumpeting, creating a level sophistication rarely found in modern output. Show Me The Money carries the same character of self-awareness, the country-rock instrumentals demonstrating their versatile flair for the adventurous.

‘Underrated’ is a word thrown around too much these days, but Lux Lisbon embody the underdog ideals: sedulous, talented and, most importantly, free.

Their appearance at the Green Door Store on the 20th is one not to be missed.

Tickets are available here:

Glenn Houlihan

Image: Lux Lisbon

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