The Badger caught up with elusive beat maker Bevan to discuss his new EP, the art of remixing and summer plans.

You’ve just released your second EP, Together & Alone, tell me a little bit about it!

I started drafting Together and Alone the summer, around June, and then I produced most of it in the first term of Uni, and mastered it all over Christmas- it took a solid three weeks to mix and master it in my room.  

How is it as musician, coming from Bournemouth to Brighton?

It’s crazy. I’ve seen so many people here so far, like Mura Masa.

I lament missing out on Mura’s show, and we chat about his headline feature at The Great Escape.

Have you ever played live?

No never, but I’m planning this year to get into DJ sets.

We discuss my dreams of DJing, which so far have gone unfulfilled.

Tell Yourself got airplay on BB1 XTRA, how sick was that?

Crazy. It came on two songs after Mura Masa’s interview, which was perfect as it’s a Mura inspired track. Just crazy.

You’ve remixed the 1975’s Girls, and are finishing up a mix of Estelle’s American Boy, how do you choose which songs to remix?

I was asked to do American Boy by my flatmates, but the development of the melody is something that appeals to me. I like when there’s a song which has potential within it already, like chord sequences, or if it’s a really big pop song. If there’s a song that I really enjoy, I’ll always want to remix it.

How do you make it your own?

I get the a cappella and obviously work put the chord sequence, I’ll invert the chords a lot of the time, instead of like an F major it’ll be an Fsus2 or an F major 7 or something, and I’ll change the rhythm and tempo and chop it up really, just see what works.

Bevan then reveals he’s brought the American Boy remix with him, and I gleefully absorb the sun kissed arrangements.

That was sick! When are you dropping that?

It’s pretty much finished now, when it’s done I’ll probably send it over to a few blogs and stuff.

What’s your plans for the next few months?

It’s coming up to summer, I’ll probably do some more stuff like that.

Your EP was retrospective and chill, yet that was a banger- it’s great to have that diversity to your producing game.

Once you understand how to produce and arrange a certain genre of track it’s quite easy to switch between genres.

We drift off to bemoaning the cost of house hunting and Nao selling out before we got tickets, and promise to hit up a gig sometime in the near future.

Bevan’s latest EP is streaming now:

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