After hitting the 5 million plays mark for their debut single ‘Lately (Love, Love, Love)’, Little Giants are a band on the rise with their sights set high as they prepare for the single to be released in the UK on the 11th December. The track got itself to No. 1 on the Hype Machine charts four times and the video reached No. 1 on the Official iTunes chart much to their shock. This unexpected success has certainly injected confidence and swagger into the trio as they look to continue progressing.

The three-piece band of Danny Hall, Luke Adams and Sam James have created themselves a unique sound with the combination acoustic and house which is perfectly demonstrated with ‘Lately’. After originally looking like they’d be a fully acoustic outfit, they found the tropical house sounds were the best way to distinguish themselves from the plain acoustic artists that got them into wanting to write music in the first place. The sound they have produced shows maturity and is an intelligent choice considering the popularity of similar artists have enjoyed in recent months.

As all 3 of them started doing acoustic covers and posting them on YouTube as teenagers, it looked as though they were all destined to attempt to go through the harsh route through the music industry alone, but they have now realized that they wouldn’t change being in a band for anything. They talked about the need to have other people along side you in what is such a harsh industry, people to enjoy the highs with but also to be there for each other for the lows.

As I talked with them more, the more I get the impression of how grateful they are to be in such a position. They don’t slag off the music industry or the people who are in it, instead they are thankful at how good they have had it so far despite a couple of reality checks they have experienced.

After having known Danny for a while beforehand, it was Luke who invited him to a studio he had been playing in after having been discovered when performing at a local gig. Having decided they needed a 3rd band member, they spotted a 15-second clip on Instagram of Sam singing and they instantly said “he’s the one”. Luke jokes how he “chatted Sam up on Facebook for a couple of days” and asked him if he wanted to come to the studio to record in July 2014. Since then, they have been building up a body of music they all seem incredibly excited for the world to hear.

Irrespective of the confidence in their music and themselves, they all display a modesty that is quite rare in the industry. They were more shocked then anyone else was about their rise to the top of the iTunes chart with Sam joking that he still doesn’t believe it. The mixture of acoustic and tropical house beats proved successful as it hit 2.2 million plays on Spotify, which is amazing considering it isn’t available in the UK yet.

I ask them about their long term goals and it strikes me that they haven’t given it much thought, which demonstrates the surprise at how it has all worked out for them so far. Luke teased that his life long ambition is to have a song on the Fifa soundtrack but also explained his dream of playing in front of a large crowd and have them recite back their own work back to them, as Danny expressed his desire to play at Glastonbury one day.

These dreams aren’t as unrealistic as they think. They have that quality and music know-how that will gain them huge respect within the industry and personality which will draw in the fans. Although their success with Lately hasn’t brought in thousands to their social media accounts, they are confident that will soon change as momentum grows after the release of ‘Lately’.

You can now preorder ‘Lately’ along with the remixes from iTunes for £1.99 prior to its December release.

Twitter and Instagram: @LittleGiantsUK

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