French-Cuban twins Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz aka Ibeyi have been drawing critical acclaim for their eccentric, soulful sound, which encompasses their diverse family history; from Afro-Cuban rhythms to Orisha chants, they have crafted a unique identity that feels equal parts exciting and sincere. The lyrics glide from English to Yoruba, a traditional Nigerian tongue, with delicate ease, aligning the past and present in a stunning hourglass which radiates youthful spirit.

A hybrid of multicultural appreciation, their stripped back tones are driven by Naomi’s Spanish-Cuban influenced percussion, with Lisa’s stirring vocals, in tandem with their ethereal harmonies, commanding the luscious soundscapes.

Mama Says, confronting the early death of their father, defines the bittersweet nature of their music, while Stranger/Lover hints at intimacy lost; a ballad of delusion with love, reconciled only by a cautious hope for the future. Piano melts into earthly drums as the twins refuse to be boxed into any regulation genre; forging a sound almost incomparable to any current popular artists. Made to be appreciated live, they will transform Brighton’s Concorde 2 into a shimmering wonderland; one of divergent rhythms and dizzying jazz, of raw emotion and heartfelt melodic tones.

You can catch Ibeyi live on Monday 2nd November at Concorde 2. Tickets are available for £14.07 from


Glenn Houlihan

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