Sainsbury’s is beginning trials for a new app designed to streamline the shopping process.

The app allows users to create a shopping list of items from home and will then guide them to their location in the store. Shoppers scan the items as they pick them up and at the end of their trip they can skip the checkout lines and use the app to pay at a kiosk.

Sainsbury’s claims that, in testing, the app succeeded in cutting checkout time down to mere seconds. The Digital and Technology Director of Sainsbury’s, Jon Rudoe, states that the goal of this new app is to help shoppers “with limited time” who “want to be able to get their shop done quickly”.

Sainsbury’s Digital Team has been working on using technology to benefit their customers as the chain also has plans to team up with Zapp, a mobile payment app which connects to the user’s bank account. The store aims to begin mobile payments at checkouts in 2015 but these two forms of mobile payment are to be kept separate.

Trials of the app with will begin Sainsbury’s own staff in the upcoming weeks and will be opened to Nectar cardholders in 2015.



Kate Wilkinson


S-apps-bury’s: less time, more fun!

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