Attention scientists and inquiring minds! The fifteenth instalment of Nerd Night is upon us, kicking off at 7.30pm at The Caroline of Brunswick.

Starting with Johnathan Milton, working with Punk Science at the Science Museum, who promises not to leave anyone going home ‘empty-headed’ bringing a sneak preview of their latest show based on The Science Museum’s new gallery “Information Age”. Johnathan aims to get everyone involved; their material is not just for the science nerds!

Next is the University of Sussex’s own Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Jamie Ward: “Hearing colours and tasting words: the kaleidoscopic world of synaesthesia”. Professor Ward is one of the world’s leading authorities on synaesthesia. He will discuss the pathologies of synaesthesia, advantages of such unique neurobiology and what it reveals about the functionality of the brain and mind.

Finally, Meriel Jeater, who has been curator at the Museum of London for 14 years with the Archaeology Collections Department attending to collections ranging from the Prehistoric Era (450,000 BC) to the Georgian Era (1700 AD); will explain some of the 17th Century charms against witchcraft, such as how to keep a witch’s imp out of your chimney amongst other items you don’t want to miss!

Samantha Nicholls

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