This week I am going to talk about the lack of Christmas spirit among our fellow Brightonians!

When I went to town last week I was overrun by excitement and the five year old child in me was leaping with glee when I saw the amazing Christmas lights; I have to say the blanket type ones were my special favourite!

However, it soon became apparent that not everyone shares my love for Christmas.

While buying 8 meters of tinsel with my housemate, we received a smarmy remark from the checkout assistant (who I thought was supposed to be polite to customers but what do I know), because apparently no one cares about Christmas anymore!

When we paid for the tinsel we got a “That’s a lot of decorations…for November” followed with a stern look to make the awkwardness even more pronounced.

I did not need this shopping scrooge tainting my love for Christmas! Similarly when I went out last night, I politely requested that the DJ play “All I want for Christmas”.

Seemingly amused by what he perceived as a joke he gave me a very patronising pat on the head (last time I checked I didn’t have ears and a wagging tail).

I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were him, especially as he looked like the real life version of the cartoon character Dexter!

Lucy Hartland

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