Olivia Verghese

On Friday the 28th of September ‘HOT WUK’, the UK’s maddest bashment party graced Brighton at Concorde 2 and was a night of utter carnage. The atmosphere was incredible as dozens of people raved the night away to the dancehall DJ’s on stage. Fuelled by alcohol, whistles and free ice creams, it truly was one of the most energy pumped nights in Brighton. Across the dance floor the literal hot wuk of people were united in a culmination of insane dancing, shouting and sheer joy. As new acts were introduced throughout the night, not one person seemed to be running short of energy as the performers hyped up the expression of love and joy permeated the room. During a set from General levy, one of the biggest names in bashment, a brief fight did breakout – however the situation was quickly defused as the crowd were reminded of what bashment and reggae music signifies- peace and love. As the night drew to a close the crowd were repeatedly teased with promises of yet ‘one more song’, which included the infamous Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ and ended with a traditional bashment dance called ‘Palance’ which had everybody dancing in union from side to side. I left feeling exhilarated and have decided that this night is one to revisit. So as it returns to Brighton on the 7th of December I am already in line to book my ticket.

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