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Featuring poems, short stories, “very” short stories and articles written by Sussex students, the Best Book in the Universe offers up a quippy, yet insightful glimpse into the lives of university students. The idea for the book itself came from Felicity Harris, an English Literature student currently studying at Sussex. In her quest to pull the whole thing together, Harris includes some of her own writing and illustrations in the collection, but in no way does Harris’ work outshine the others.

The collection is meant to speak to the individual, and if you let it, it probably will. Ranging from awkward teenage sexcapades, to accounts of procrastination until sunrise and getting lost in the sea that is Brighton, the book sheds light and offers perspective on the full spectrum of student experiences.

The narratives are both smart and light-hearted, yet sometimes solemn and deep. The collection gets you when you’re least expecting it, and the best part is that it’s entirely written by and for students here at Sussex. Offering a section of blank pages at the end, the book even invites readers to finish the story with their own narratives.

Granted the term has only just begun and most of us are already swimming in a deep sea of required reading, but may I be so bold as to suggest you add this book to your list? It’s something you can reach for every now and again. Whether you need a quick laugh, are desperate for distraction or permanently procrastinating, you might just find this book is worth having around.

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