Glenn Raymond

The Freshers of Sussex are now fully embarked on their hedonistic epic of depravity and self-depreciation.

Tall tales run wild, of such great magnitude, you could not make them up.

We all hear the fables of the 24/7 archetype-LAD taking back to his room every lady within a 5-mile radius but this particular apologue left me feeling a bit odd.

Allegedly, a boy goes back with a girl to her dorm late one night, both being quite inebriated.

He notices that the bed in the room is completely covered in plastic sheeting; he puts this down to her obviously just moving in, right?

They eventually start to participate in the act of coitus when things seem to take a turn for the, experimental…

I’ll leave the conclusion of this to the readers’ inference.

However, it did involve the man running out the room naked, abhorring the turn of events in the room that will probably haunt his preconscious, no matter how repressed, forever.

To solidify your judgement, he later found out she was the head of the FemDom society which acted as a liberal forum for those partial to the art of being a female dominatrix…

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