A rise in confirmed cases of mumps were reported on campus over the Easter holidays.

It is unknown whether the threat is serious a month on, but the University Health Centre is advising students to exercise caution.

The University of Sussex said: “If you feel unwell or are unsure whether you have been immunised, please contact your GP’s surgery for advice. You are also advised that, if you have suspected mumps, you should avoid mixing with other people for five days from the onset of the swelling.

“Immunisations are free to all NHS registered patients and are available from your GP’s surgery, whether that be the Health Centre on campus or elsewhere.”

Mumps can result in serious complications and the swelling of the neck glands is unpleasant in most cases. Students are in a high risk category when it comes to such a contagious infection as they are in close contact with so many young people.

The University Health Centre states that to be properly protected two doses of the MMR vaccine are required. The second dose is not necessary in all cases, it is merely a ‘second chance’ in case the first dose did not work, but it is advisable, if you are unsure, to check into your medical history.

For Health Centre Appointments and Enquiries contact 01273 249 049.

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