A university in North America has received extensive media attention after a sex act was demonstrated live on stage as part of a seminar.

Northwestern University, in Chicago, Illinois, offered an optional live demonstration of the female orgasm after a guest lecturer discussed bondage and sexual fetishes with students, in a ‘human sexuality’ class usually taught by Professor John Michael Bailey.

Around 100 students chose to stay for the demonstration, after receiving numerous warnings that it would be graphic, in which guest speaker Jim Marcus, 45, and partner Faith Kroll, 25, engaged in a sexual act involving a motorised sex toy.

The event was initially defended, with Professor Bailey stating, “I certainly have no regrets concerning Northwestern students, who have demonstrated that they are open-minded grown-ups rather than fragile children”.

However, Northwestern President Morton Schapiro criticised the lecturer: “I have recently learned of the after-class activity associated with Prof. Bailey’s Human Sexuality class, and I am troubled and disappointed by what occurred,” He added, “I simply do not believe this was appropriate.”

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