Boys and girls, we have things to talk about. Things your mother probably told you long ago about dressing but you were too cool to listen, but things that are the basics of good styling and coping with trends should not be ignored. Sit down; listen to me, and we’ll travel into the realms of good taste and how-to-deal-with-trends together.

First of all girls – Hats. Hats are big this winter, and look set to be staple in spring (Chanel, Audrey Hepburn or Joan Collins). But hats are difficult, get it wrong and you look like fashion’s freshest victim, and no one wants to be that person. Get the hat right, and you’ll enter into whole new planes of chic. Don’t go for the biggest, furriest, brightest piece of tat you can find, it should be casual, cute and cosy.

Our friends at Style magazine would have you believe that a brightly colored trilby is the height of chic, but I whole-heartedly say: no, don’t be a d**khead. In my experience, girls who wear trilbies are insufferably dull and totally lost on the seas of style. If Elle Macpherson looks like a d**k in one, SO WILL YOU.

Boys, stop checking bikini pics on facebook (for the heteros) and get off Grindr (for the gays), David Gandy had released a new Style app. David Gandy, the God of men’s fashion, is sharing his tips to a flawless and classic look in short easy bite size chunks. Gandy is pushing for a return to Bond-y style chic-ness; suits and tailoring are the words du jour. And children, please, no more knee length combat style shorts this summer please, you’re giving Auntie Gloria a headache.

And so duckies, we come to the big one, the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits have been around for the last year, but we weren’t convinced of their true longevity. Thanks to long term onesie pusher gorgeous Stella McCartney there is a welcome place for them in our collective wardrobes. Bring on those Topshop Playsuits, those wonderful Celine elegant trouser legs and above all, that timeless; elegant and beautiful Chanel cat suit. Or at least the cheap knockoffs from the man down the road.

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