For the pleasure of the geeks and the jocks, the Brighton Science Festival is once again descending upon Brighton. This is the 7th year the festival has run and it is jammed packed with events, from the fun to the cerebral, for kids and adults. It  runs from 13 February to 6 March so there’s plenty of time to pop in and have a look at some of the brilliant activities. Here are but a few examples.

On 23 February, the Sallis Benney Theatre of Brighton University plays host to an evening of physics. The event “Fearful Symmetry” investigates symmetry in physics, music, maths, biochemistry and art.

Saturday 26 February holds in my opinion one of the highlights of the festival. Named “Play with your food”, this event should be exactly what it says on the tin. Expect a wide range of food oriented activity, blending molecular gastronomy, health debates, chemistry in the kitchen, edible geology and the dental health spa.

The main event of the festival “Big Science Saturday” on Saturday 5 March should definitely be a winner. Whether you fancy a debate specially organised for skeptics,  a talk on how music affects our social society or history of science, there will be enough to entertain all. And for those of you whose brain needs a rest, all kinds of games from creative to strategy will be available around the venue.

Another talk which might interest fellow Brightonians is “Zombie Science” held at BASVIC on Friday 4 March. Theoretical zombiological Dr Austin explains how genetics, prions and genetic engineering can relate to the un-dead. This show has toured America and its author Austin Low is a multi-BAFTA award winning writer and comedian.

“Laboratory Life”, running through most of the festival, is another interesting event. Described as “an interactive art-science laboratory, exploring the use of new technologies in biomedicine”, it incorporates exhibitions, talks and lab viewings. This is where art meets science.

Finally on 6 March, the last event “Of All the Nerve” aims to explore the life of a neuron in 6 chapters: birth, learning, adolescence, maturity, death and afterlife. Supported by the Welcome Trust, it promises some interesting information and some audience participation!

So head on down to town centre for a some light but educating entertainment, it’s worth the trip!
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The Brighton Science Festival 2011

  1. We went to the foodie day and I was v impressed, a good mixture of talks and hands on stuff. Food was also good, any chance we could add recycling as well next year, and include all food/drink sold in recyclable packaging?
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Glad you enjoyed the event! You’d have to contact the organisers directly about the recycling issue but I know they’re always interested in new ideas! They have a “Contact us” link on their page – you could send them something on there!

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