weezer - ratitudeRaditude is Weezer’s seventh studio album and arguably one of their best. When I think of Weezer I think of a quirky pop-punk band from the States behind songs such as Buddy Holly and Hash Pipe.  To a certain extent, this carries on into their latest album.

After 15 years sometimes it’s hard to keep that fresh sound, but right from the opening chords of (If You’re Wondering If I Want To) I Want You To, there is a fresh, up-beat and somewhat funky feel which draws you in. This then develops into more guitar led tracks like Let It All Hang Out and In The Mall.

It seems that Weezer have tried to draw influence from as many genres as possible. There are Hindi instruments and vocals on Love is the Answer, and use of synth and electro-pop on Can’t Stop Partying – a track which also includes Lil Wayne.

All of this combines to make an album that you find yourself singing along to after the first listen. This album is a must for any Weezer fan or anyone remotely interested in this genre.  They may have lost some of their edginess but this is still Weezer and they are still rocking out.

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