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At  times laugh out loud funny, Dead as a Dodo, the latest play from Sussex student Dino Kazamia, is straight-up brilliant. The warped dreams of one ‘Mr. Darwin’ unveils a fantasy land where a ship’s crew battle with the onset of madness, adultery and mutiny. And the realisation that they’ve just exterminated the dodo.

A stunning performance by Luke Booys as the ship’s increasingly doolally captain is just one of the highlights of a piece which was beautifully acted.  The somewhat facile close can be forgiven for the success of the rest of the play which intrigued, amused and horrified throughout. The performance was supported by four acts, compered by MC Hamilton and ranging from musical comedy to classic stand up. Musical highlights from ‘Captain Rochefort Gallops’ and later Clive, with his ‘dodgy eighties soft-pop’, include a collection of sea shanties from possibly the worst pirate ever and Clive’s hilarious ‘I’ve Got a Small Willy’ (which made the nice lady next to me squirm rather uncomfortably!).

Stand up sets from impressionist Mole DMC and the ‘Dave Newman Experience’ had the audience in stitches. A first time show, the ‘Dave Newman Experience’ rather coital based set was somewhat rough in places but some real gems shined through, while Mole DMC’s impression of 80s hits, as performed by Steven Hawkins, were also great. Another fab production from the ‘Casual Violence’ crew; definitely one to watch out for.

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Dead Good

  1. Well written well performed funny and a cut above the usual university based arts stuff Go from strength to strength keep the willy jokes to a minimum make it as original as possible and Good Luck on getting to the Edinburgh Festival

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