The Big Lemon is back with a bigger and better timetable this year. The eco-friendly bus, which runs on biodiesel (cooking oil), is aimed at providing cheap and efficient transport for students between town and campus.

The new timetable sees the bus running every twenty minutes from 08.20 in the morning from town and 08.45 from campus, to 02.55 into town and 03.25 every night. The full timetable can be seen on website.

The bus caused a stir when it was launched in 2007 as an alternative to Brighton’s premiere bus services. It was forced to halt in 2008 due to financial problems, however, the company hopes that with this new and more accessible timetable it will, again, be a worthy competitor.

‘It’s a great idea’, said one 3rd year student, ‘I just wish its services were wider ranging around Brighton.’

With its distinctive colour (and smell) the Big Lemon is a renowned feature of life on the Sussex campus; as Dan Baldwin, Molecular Genetics student, observed, ‘It smells of chip fat!’ It has even spawned its own fan club, The Lemonheads, and facebook fan group. The bus currently largely relies on private hire to sustain itself. However, maybe this new timetable will propel the Lemon into Brighton’s public transport heights.

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