Anyone who likes uninspired covers of classic songs which add nothing to the original track have got something wrong in the head (if you belong to this category then I apologise, but your deficiency couldn’t be kept from you forever). With this in mind it’s a pretty safe bet that anyone with even half a brain won’t enjoy The Saturdays’ pitiful attempt at ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’, this year’s official single for Comic Relief.

What we have to ask ourselves then is not whether the track is any good – it’s clearly just a weak version of Depeche Mode’s original, speeded up a bit with a generic pop beat plonked behind it – but whether its blatant lack of innovation is excusable because, you know, “it’s all for a good cause”.

Well, I’m sorry but it’s not. Comic Relief already has a lot to answer for in providing a platform for Lenny Henry and his bunch of has-been chums to churn out their flacid brand of ‘comedy’ year after year, and as far as I’m concerned this tedious single is another excuse to boycott the whole thing.

If you still feel obliged to go out and buy the single in support of the cause then you’re probably a good person. Personally I find the utter banality of the track so offensive I’m more inclined to invest my money in a sweatshop somewhere out of spite.

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