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The King Blues – ‘Save the World, Get the Girl’ (Island)

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Mar 2, 2009

Blue they certainly are not: Ska-Punk-Folk-Rock with a touch of class and a whole load of humour is a tad nearer the mark. ‘Save the World, Get the Girl’ is The King Blues’ latest single and a great showcase for the rest of their album of the same name.

Now, I’m no punk, but after listening to these guys I wish I was. ‘Save the World, Get the Girl’ is a delightful mix of Ska-style beats and humorous punk lyrics, brought to life by Itch’s (the formerly homeless lead singer) cheeky but pleasant cockney tones. With a persistent violin undertone, rattling drums and rock guitar tag-teaming Itch’s voice throughout, the track will have the most uptight Tory boy twitching to the beat.

Highly praised by a multitude of sources – including Kerrang who go so far as to say they are ‘the best punk band in the UK’ – the King Blues will be something you will hear this summer, so you might as well get it, borrow it, blag it or buy it now and start learning those lyrics and shouting Viva la Punk!

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