Dear Brits,
I am calling out to defenders of the realm. Especially to students whom we need so badly in our fight against oppressors of freedom – externally (the corporate-cartel-dominated EU empire) and internally (the UK Government’s continued assault on personal freedoms and democratic processes).

I think many of you know, or can sense, that the danger is extreme, the UK political system is bankrupt (a polite term for unspeakable felony) and that we must save ourselves from an EU takeover. That takeover will mean the death of our nation, our democracy, and guaranteed personal freedoms.

It will also mean GM under compulsion and other ugly things forced upon us. In short, we won’t like what will happen. All of our battles will be lost if we lose this one against the anti-democratic, corporate cartel-dominated EU empire. [The same cartels dominate the EU as dominate the British political system – that’s why Brussels & London sound alike. And the Lisbon Treaty makes their designs on a Europe-wide police state painfully definite.]

Only one thing can be done – Educate and politically activate the Citizenry by means of grass roots public education campaigning, Door-to-Door and in the Universities (major efforts must be made in the universities).

Emailing has a significant role to play in notifying the Converted, our immediate activists. But to reach the great, crucial majority which is “unconverted”, largely ignorant and politically passive, it has to be Door-to-Door and by telephoning (to get around mass media Thought Control) and get to the Universities. (There cannot be a mass movement against Corporate and Puppet-Government powers without energetic, educated young people.)

If the EU elite instructs the New Labour (or other accomplice) government to declare an Emergency by invoking this fascistic Act, the lights will go out for us – UNLESS the Citizenry is forewarned. So the necessity is to publicise the danger.
PLEASE NOTE the request to publicise the imperative need to protect our Armed Forces, that officers must be loyal to Britain and democracy, not to the EU. If we publicise well enough, then others from within the Military will come forward to protect these British Isles.
For anyone interested in an 8-page “Lisbon Treaty analysis”, email me for a copy. As they expected, few people have actually read this 250-page serpentine
request for Surrender and blueprint for a police-state empire. It’s a chilling document when one goes through it. Like a spider beckoning to a fly.
Hoping you will do your unexacting but vital part. Together we can still pull this out of the fire. The Irish have bought us some time.
My Best,
Mike Stagman
Grass roots Democracy Alliance (concerned citizens from the UK, Germany and Austria).

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