In reply to your article, “E.N.S – Education Not for Sale – An Overview”, I would like to point out two oversights. The first concerns the importance of ENS and the second concerns one of its objectives. Contrary to what the article states, ENS is one of the least important campaigns running at Sussex Uni. Of far more importance are the groups such as Amnesty International or the environmental society; they are tackling huge issues that are causes for concern in the immediate future for people all over the world. ENS, on the other hand, caters to the desires of a relatively small number of people in the developed world.

The other problem is ENS’s aim to abolish “all fees” and to install “a living, non-means-tested grant for every student in FE and HE”. University is not a prerequisite for a fulfilling life. It is a choice that should be open to all, so certainly anyone who needs financial help should get as much as they need, but those of us who don’t need such help (myself included) should pay for it.

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