Students have a renowned reputation for eating some interesting concoctions when the loan begins to run low. However, a heron in the Netherlands took desperate hunger to a whole new level when it decided a baby grey rabbit would be the perfect midday snack.

Herons, which are approximately three feet in height with a six foot wingspan, are commonly known for eating fish. However, in some rare cases, such as this one, they have been spotted eating birds and small mammals.

Dutch wildlife photographer Ad Sprang was lucky enough to capture the heron’s attack on camera saying he could “feel the tension” as the heron “slowly approached” the baby rabbit.

After proceeding towards the rabbit the heron managed to capture it by its ears and take it to nearby waters where it drowned it before swallowing it whole.

This phenomenal case appears to show nature at its best and most fascinating. So remember, it’s a heron eat rabbit world out there and no one knows what’s for dinner tomorrow!

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