The University has introduced a new payment system called Sussex Aspire to revolutionise the way students receive any type of vital financial support via the Hardship Fund. The system, which was launched in March, responds to the frustrations voiced by students about the sluggishness of the pre-existing Hardship Fund system. Gone now are the times of enduring lengthy waits of up to ten days for responses – students can now expect swift assistance precisely when they need it most.

The Badger has learned that Hardship Fund applicants previously found themselves trapped in anxiety while waiting for financial support, uncertain of when they would receive the payment. The new Aspire system aims to streamline the process. Now, when a student submits their Hardship Fund application, the request will be fulfilled on the same day, and the applicant will receive the financial support they require in their nominated bank account. The funds for a successful applicant can now be transferred instantly or within two hours (depending on the applicant’s bank) after an application is made.

Sussex administration stated that the new system provides “additional benefits for the University, including cost savings which will mean more funds can be spent on students, a reduced administrative burden freeing up staff time to offer more support and increased insight into student use of their funds to help us better target future awards.”

Sussex Aspire shows the University’s clear commitment to student welfare, cutting through administrative red tape, and ensuring that no student is left in the dark when making an application for financial support. 

In a time where financial strains are a common concern among many students, the University of Sussex is seeking innovative solutions to streamline support and has done so by acknowledging the limitations of its old Hardship Fund system.

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