Kinder to the environment and our wallets, buying second-hand is a brilliant way to keep your wardrobe fresh and unique, for a cheaper price. Analysts believe that by the end of this decade, second-hand fashion will overtake fast fashion, which will have great benefits. ThredUp finds that if every consumer bought just one second-hand garment this year instead of a new one, CO2 emissions would fall by more than two billion lbs, equal to taking 76 million cars off the road for a day. And it comes as no surprise that Brighton, a city known for vegans and eco-friendly citizens, is a beacon for second hand shops and boutiques. 

A recent addition is none other than OUtfit on London Road, run by the homeless charity Emmaus. Across the UK, there are 30 Emmaus communities that support more than 850 people who have experienced homelessness. On 24 January, the grand opening of OUtfit was an exclusive student only event, and I was excited to attend. The store is well laid out, with enough space for a wide variety of items such as jewellery, books and clothing. The staff were polite and courteous, clearly passionate about their roles and helping raise money and awareness for homelessness. I found it cheaper than most charity shops in the area and was pleasantly surprised by the curated high quality pieces. OUtfit is the perfect addition to London Road’s many charity shops, with the proceeds in sales going to a good cause. I highly recommend a visit.

OUtfit is just one of many places in Brighton to buy second hand, so here are some suggestions if you’re interested in branching out or finding a new spot:

Emmaus Village in Portslade 

Alongside OUtfit, Emmaus has a huge charity shop megastore in Portslade. Only a short train journey from Brighton, this is a location not to be missed. There is so much stock that the items for sale span over multiple buildings – even into a Church. You can browse a wide variety (perhaps the biggest in Brighton!) of second-hand items, furniture and clothing for relatively fair prices.

Snoopers Paradise

Hidden deep in The Laines, Snoopers Paradise’s first floor is a collection of cabinets full of unique  and eclectic pieces. A personal favourite is looking at the crates of vintage photographs, each selling for only a few pence. You never know what you’re going to find in this place, and even if you don’t pick up anything, it’s worth a visit to look around and discover something new.

Beyond Retro

Though on the pricier side, you get what you pay for here. No item from Beyond Retro has ever disappointed, with high standards maintained across the curation and quality of  their items. The store is full of a wide range of unique vintage pieces, from shoes to graphic t-shirts to trench coats. If you’re looking for colour, individuality and absurdity, make sure to check Beyond Retro out.

Charity Shops on London Road

A timeless classic – everyone’s seen them whilst in town; Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and Martlets to name a few. Along its length, London Road  offers just under a dozen charity shops to choose from, including the newly opened OUtfit! These shops  provide some of the most affordable second-hand options for students, as well as endless fun. Charity shop crawl, anyone? 

Depop, Vinted and eBay

If you’re a victim of a busy schedule and don’t have much time to pick through charity shop racks, it’s never too late to search online. Apps such as Depop and Vinted have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. With handy filters to adjust pricing, branding, and sizing, there are some real bargains to find online. 

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