Finding your niche at university can be difficult, so much pressure is often placed on your studies; but it is important to find a balance and allow yourself the opportunity to engage in activities and communities that you love. Brighton hosts a variety of niche groups with something for everyone; detailed below are just a few of what our city has to offer.

Brighton Ultimate Frisbee

Frisbee is likely a fun game you think of playing in childhood, perhaps not a global sport; but Ultimate Frisbee gives a whole new meaning to the game. The game is reminiscent of netball, wherein the players ‘on-disc’ cannot move and the goal is the work the disc down the pitch into the ‘end-zone’, to score a point. It’s a fast paced fun game where everyone on the team gets involved. 

Brighton comprises a host of divisions, including men’s, women’s’ and mixed; as well as offering the opportunity to attend the weekly trainings without the need to commit to a team, simply come along to have fun! 

If you’re looking to begin a new hobby, the Brighton Ultimate Frisbee community is full of welcoming individuals of all ages and skill levels, so no prior experience is necessary.

The women’s division has suffered a decline in numbers in recent years, so would be delighted to have more female members begin playing and join the Brighton and wider Ultimate community. 

Playing will also allow you the opportunity to travel for competitions and fun tournaments. Paganello, held in Rimini, Italy, is just one of the annual fun-time tournaments on offer, where you can travel to play Ultimate Frisbee on the beach as part of a team; as well as many more.

As Sussex University has its own team, Sussex Hawks, many of the Brighton members are Sussex alumni who have been playing since university, making Ultimate frisbee a great sport to get into both while studying and post-graduation. 

Visit the Brighton Ultimate webpage regarding weekly training timetables and further information. Or find Sussex Hawks on Instagram if you would like to play for the university. 

Boulder Brighton

Bouldering is similar to rock climbing but without the harnessing equipment and shorter walls; all you need is a pair of climbing shoes and a bag of chalk, both of which can be hired on site. Bouldering is a fun way to engage your brain and build strength while completing the colour coded routes up the walls. 

Located a short walk away from Portslade station, the venue is easy to get to by train, bus or car and welcomes those of all abilities. 

Regulars of Boulder Brighton have made up their own community, organising social events and meetups; the community group page can be found on Facebook at ‘Boulder Brighton Social’ and is always welcoming of new members looking to meetup or climb together. 

Sussex university students can also join BSMS Rocksoc, a student run society welcoming all members interested in climbing and bouldering; making bouldering another great community to join and continue post-graduation. More information on Rocksoc meetups can be found on their Instagram page. 

Food Partnership- Community Kitchen

Located on Queen’s Road in central Brighton, the community kitchen offers cookery classes run by professional chefs, with each session specialising in a specific cuisine. January’s cuisines included Vegan Dim Sum, Vegan South Indian, West African and Gluten Free Bread to name but a few classes.  If you love to cook, learn new skills and try new foods, why not give one of these classes a go! 

Brighton and Hove Food Partnership not only manages the community kitchen, they also run local projects that you can get involved in, through donating or volunteering at food banks and community gardens. 

Visit the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership website to find further information on upcoming classes for February, local events, donation information and foodbank locations.   

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