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Valentine’s Day kicked off early with Carly Rae Jepsen’s incredible performance at The Dome, Brighton on February 13th, filled to the brim with her outstanding portfolio of love and breakup anthems.

Whilst Carly impressed fans with a variety of songs from her latest record The Loneliest Time, she didn’t fail to please the crowd with classics from Emotion, Dedicated and Kiss.

Opening the set with Surrender My Heart – the first track from her 2022 album The Loneliest Time the crowd erupted as she ran onto stage with her infectious energy. 

Carly had the crowd singing every lyric when she performed Call Me Maybe – the 2012 blockbuster hit from her breakthrough album that topped charts in over 47 countries and sold over 20 million singles. As everyone waved their arms with a sense of nostalgic euphoria, the atmosphere was electric with everyone dancing to the dazzling pop anthem. 

Carly’s speedy outfit changes must also be mentioned! From her black leather look to a pink fluffy dress, she had an outfit to match every mood. This created a real sense of a show and went beyond the average gig!

Carly continued to hold the crowd in the palm of her hand as she performed So Nice and then her undeniably catchy hit, I Really Like you, and as far as earworms go – I was singing this for days after the show!

Carly effortlessly fostered a warm and inclusive rapport with the crowd and even came down to the front barrier to soak in the incredible atmosphere. A key highlight was when she left the setlist to the crowd’s decision where Your Type beat Cry in a ‘cheer off’ for which song she would perform. Her effortless yet energetic dance moves matched perfectly with her songs and really cemented her status as a multitalented popstar. 

In her Encore, Carly’s track The Loneliest Time, which was trending on TikTok a few months before had everyone cheering and was the perfect ending to an amazing show!

The concert concluded with a stripped-back performance of Go Find Yourself or Whatever, from her latest record. The contrast to her typically upbeat dance tracks made for a beautiful ending. 

Overall, Carly played an amazing show full of her catchy pop songs that screamed girl power and left the crowd feeling extremely uplifted.

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