By Dylan Bryant (Music Editor)

Armed with fierce guitars, indie rock choruses to sing your hearts out to, and frontman Jack Cochrane’s powerful and instantly recognisable vocals, The Snuts played Brighton’s CHALK on 4th October for an incredible gig that merged their incredible stage presence with their amazing catalogue of sing-along indie rock bangers.

In celebration of their incredible new record Burn The Empire, the band brought all the energy down to Brighton and CHALK was filled to the brim with a sold out crowd – the atmosphere was palpable. 

Opening the set with Pigeons In New York after building the atmosphere with an incredible instrumental, the infectious track had the crowd hooked with its euphoric chorus and catchy melody.

The Snuts are one of the UK’s most exciting bands with their politically driven lyrics and infectious music gaining increasing traction. The diverse crowd was a trophy to this with a mix of older Britpop fans and younger indie rockers. 

Surprisingly, only 2nd song in, they launched into arguably their most recognisable song, Glasgow. This track was instrumental in the bands early growth and success and playing this so early on was met with mosh pits and euphoric dancing as the crowd sang along to the chorus whilst others played air guitar to the catchy riff. 

The Bands energy was immense, and this was matched by the electric crowd. They played a welcomed mix of older classics as well as new tracks from the record. The political, thought provoking lyrics were matched with graphics of political leaders and stats about poverty and crime, leaving a lasting impression on those in attendance.

A personal highlight was when the band played The Rodeo. There’s no doubt this track is made for festival mainstages with its pop driven indie rock instrumental, matched by the undeniably catchy chorus as frontman Jack Cochrane chants “Here we go! La-la-la-la-la-la-la, olé”. 

The bands new record Burn The Empire serves up 11 tracks, filled to the brim with catchy hooks, poppy choruses and ripping guitars that sound even better live. Produced by long-time collaborators Detonate and Clarence Coffee Jr the album continues the band’s evolution both sonically and lyrically. A voice for the next generation lead singer Jack Cochrane attacks subjects affecting the youth of today. 

The Snuts delivered a brilliant set which was met by an electric reception from the crowd as they jumped, danced and sang throughout the night.


  1. Pigeons in New York
  2. Glasgow
  3. Knuckles
  4. The Rodeo
  5. All Your Friends
  6. Always
  7. Hallelujah Moment
  8. Zuckerpunch
  9. 13
  10. No Place I’d Rather Go
  11. Blah Blah Blah
  12. Somebody Loves You
  13. Elephants
  14. Cosmic Electronica
  15. Juan Belmonte
  16. Blur Beat (Full band – electric version)
  17. Don’t Forget It (Punk)
  18. Maybe California
  19. End Of The Road
  20. Burn the Empire
  21. Fatboy Slim
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