Sussex University Drama Society (SUDS) has undergone many changes over the past years. Most recently a series of lockdowns and restrictions resulted in cancelling in-person shows, and opting for small yet innovative online productions.

Words by Blaise Peters

As the society begins the academic year with a new committee and a new set of directors and plays for the Autumn Semester, I sat down for a brief interview with Holly Bacon (Vice-President for SUDS), and it became clear that a return to heartfelt, moving productions by students is at the forefront of the committee’s efforts.

What is your role within SUDS? 

I am the Vice President. 

What’s changed in terms of SUDS goals for this semester year? 

We are bringing a tightened focus into giving more opportunities for people to  showcase their talents such as writing showcases, workshops that develop  people’s skills in different areas, and creating connections within the society to  create successful working relations.

What are the plays SUDS are putting on this semester? 

For the Autumn term we are showcasing ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ by Oscar Wilde, ‘Like Dreaming, Backwards’ by Kellie Powell, and ’Nora – A Doll’s House’ by Stef Smith, whilst also auditioning and rehearsing our ACCA show ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare which will be performed April 2023.

What are you looking forward to in the Autumn plays? 

I am most looking forward to seeing what our new set of directors have to offer and  the range of genres that we are showing this season. I am also excited to see new students audition and get involved so we can see the wonderful new talent arriving at Sussex.

What can we expect from the plays/directors/writers this semester? 

You can expect a broad range of styles and genres to be showcased on our stage. We’ll be striking a balance between giving the opportunity for everyone to flourish in their preferred styles whilst also giving actors and directors the opportunity to watch and partake in styles that they wouldn’t usually go for. 

How can people get involved? 

Memberships can be bought through the Student Union (SU) website which gives members discounts on SUDS plays and supports the society so we can continue to  fund productions. You can also follow our socials on Facebook and Instagram called ‘SUDS’ where you can keep up to date on our social events, auditions and  workshops which are open to everyone. On Instagram, you can also contact the  account or someone on the committee such as myself to ask any questions,  request a workshop or ask about opportunities to get involved such as auditions and running your own workshop.
SUDS kicks off the year with a series of socials during Freshers week, and then auditions in October for The Importance of Being Earnest and Macbeth. Both of which promise an exciting return to theatre on campus.

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