AGB (Avant-Garde Brighton) is a platform to promote genuine creativity, with a specific focus on Brighton based artists. In reality this means regular live shows with local line-ups, cyphers packed with underground rappers, a monthly radio show and a YouTube channel that will upload imaginative music videos.

The name is split into two key parts, Avant-Garde and Brighton. Firstly, the definition of Avant-Garde is ‘introducing new and experimental ideas and methods,’ which concisely encapsulates the main aim of AGB. A space for artists who are willing to take creative risks and push boundaries is arguably not offered from the bubble of the UK mainstream, this is something AGB hopes to change. Secondly, the Brighton part of the name explains the specific focus on the city’s music. Not only is the seaside city where the company originated but it also has one of the most diverse, inventive and exciting music scenes in the country. Since the rise of Arrdee and the lifting of lockdown restrictions there have been more eyes and ears on Brighton based Hip-Hop as well as more event promoters popping up to put on shows and a general expansion of an underground scene. Brighton’s blossoming music scene makes it a perfect time to push the city’s talent.

After the success of the last sell out show, October the 1st will follow it up with by far the biggest AGB show to date. Dred and DXVL* will co-headline the show, with support from Maczee P, Aaron King, Eva and JED. Dred has established himself as one of the most lyrical underground rappers in the UK. He’s performed all over the country while supporting Arrdee on tour, racked up hundreds of thousands of streams with lyrically dense tracks like Cold World, Otis and Battles With My Mind as well as garnering a ton of industry respect along the way. Also headlining is DXVL*, who has risen through the ranks of the UK’s Alternative Rap scene. His trap infused style brings something creative and original to the table, earning him over 5 million streams on his hit song ‘Garms’, headline shows across the UK and many more accolades that continue to roll in. They’ll be supported by four Brighton based artists who are heavily involved in the city’s scene and each bring a completely different sound to the night, Maxcee P, Aaron King, Eva and JED. You can expect to hear a mixture of HipHop, RnB, Alternative Rap and UK Garage from seriously talented independent artists.

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