By Ozzie Quavers

Armed with a quirky edge, tricksy guitar riffs and addictive drum grooves; GEESE travelled to The Dome in London where I had the pleasure of chatting to them after their electric set of irresistible indie bangers. 

I started by asking the band how they’ve been enjoying their tour so far – 

“We’re about halfway through. It’s been pretty cool! The two biggest headline shows we’ve ever played have been tonight and the night before in Paris. They have been way bigger than the rest of the shows for sure. However, the other shows have been very beautiful.  It’s been pretty overwhelming, but it’s been really cool”.

The band are effortlessly laid back having just come off stage and are naturally passionate. Speaking about London, frontman Cameron Winter says;

“I love London! I have a great time in London. It’s great to be able to speak English and have people understand.”

He goes on to joke;

“Although, walking down the street I have to talk quieter because people can actually understand me now!”

It’s fair to say this interview wasn’t free from stress – London trains decided to live up to their reputation and made my journey one to forget.

However, whilst bonding over boring journeys the band reveal some of their tour pass times; 

“Our travel was super delayed a few days ago. We got really bored and made a makeshift ball out of tape. It looked a bit like an avocado, but it did the job!”

Having started GEESE in school with the motivation of having fun, Winter says;

“We all know each other really well. GEESE is the only band I’ve ever been in, so I’ve grown as a musician in GEESE with everybody else. I like to say that I learned to play in GEESE as opposed to I learnt to play my instrument.”

This is transported into the band’s live performance, where their natural chemistry provides a controlled chaos and immense atmosphere.

‘Low Era’ combines Winters distinctive vocals with an addictive guitar arrangement and slick groove whilst ‘Fantasies/Survival’ serves up a math rock feel reminiscent of The Strokes.

Asking about the writing and recording process, GEESE say;

“There’s a very important relationship between writing and producing. We have found ourselves song writing whilst thinking about how we’re going to record it in the studio. Also, we often make changes when we’re in the studio, so the song writing process almost never ends. That’s definitely been the case with the newer material.”

They add; 

“Nothing is ever completely good enough. We’re all perfectionists I feel. You can go on forever changing things and there’s always some dissatisfaction, but that dissatisfaction is part of the art.”

GEESE teased new material and expressed that they were “very happy with the reception of the new songs”.

It was great to see their incredible set and speak with them after the show.

Good luck with the rest of the tour guys!

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